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Does my Insurance Cover Dental Implants?

Since you’ve lost several teeth, you’ve been considering getting dental implants to regain a healthy, beautiful smile. Still, as beneficial as dental implants sound, you’re unsure whether you’ll be able to afford them. After all, they are usually more expensive than alternatives like dentures or bridges. Will your dental insurance help foot the bill? Let’s discuss the question of whether you can expect your insurance to cover dental implants.


While many dental insurance plans cover implants, several others do not. However, if your policy doesn’t cover implants, that doesn’t necessarily mean you have to settle for a lesser option. The dental implant process takes place over the course of several months and requires multiple stages of treatment. Chances are your insurance will pay for at least some aspect of your new smile.

Here is a basic outline of the steps in the dental implant process and how insurance typically applies:

  • Preparatory work, such as tooth extractions or gum disease therapy. Most dental insurance policies cover about 50% of the costs of these treatments.

  • Implant placement surgery. This step of the process is the least likely to be covered by dental insurance. However, some medical insurance plans may actually cover it.

  • Abutment. You may need to undergo another minor surgery to receive abutments (small metal connectors that attach your implants to the restorations on top of them). Some insurance companies cover this procedure, while others do not.

  • Restoration. Most dental insurance plans provide at least partial coverage for your implant-retained crown, bridge, or denture.


Dentists understand that funding your new smile can be difficult, which is why many of them offer financing options. Some of them partner with third-party companies like CareCredit that can help you set up a low-to-no-interest payment plan. As a more affordable alternative to traditional dental insurance, some dentists have an in-house savings plan. For a flat yearly fee, you can receive FREE preventive care and discounts on other services, including dental implants.


Absolutely! Because dental implants replace lost teeth from the root up, they last several times longer than conventional bridges and dentures. They also look and feel much more natural and offer unparalleled long-term oral health benefits. The vast majority of patients who have gotten dental implants say they’re worth every single penny.

Even if your insurance doesn’t cover the cost of dental implants, there are still plenty of ways to fit this life-changing treatment into your budget. Why not get started on your journey to a complete smile by scheduling a consultation with your implant dentist today?

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