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Comprehensive Dental Solutions at Tindal Prosthodontics, Sarasota, FL

Restoring Smiles with Dentures and Dental Implants

At Tindal Prosthodontics, located in Sarasota, FL, under the expert care of Dr. Ben Tindal, we offer valuable insights into dental restorative solutions, including dentures and dental implants. For those seeking a skilled prosthodontist in Sarasota, FL, we provide a range of options to restore your smile and oral function.

Dentures: An Affordable Restorative Solution

Dentures can be an ideal restorative choice for patients seeking affordability, convenience, and a speedy repair process. Unlike natural teeth, dentures do not have roots and are not anchored in your mouth. Instead, they rest on top of your soft tissue and can be easily removed whenever desired.

Our experienced prosthodontic specialist, Dr. Ben Tindal, understands that finding the right denture can be a challenge for some patients. However, he excels in designing ideal prosthetics tailored to your unique mouth, ensuring they look beautifully natural and feel exceptionally comfortable when worn. If you are in Sarasota, FL, we invite you to contact us to schedule a consultation. During this visit, we will assess your oral health and work with you to determine the best tooth replacement solution that suits your individual needs.

Understanding Full Dentures

Full dentures, also referred to as Traditional or Conventional Dentures, are essential when a patient has lost all natural teeth along an arch of the mouth. These dentures can be categorized as conventional or immediate. Conventional dentures are crafted after all remaining teeth have been removed from the desired arch, and the patient's gum tissue has fully healed. This process typically takes four to six weeks. On the other hand, immediate dentures are prepared in advance of tooth extraction and soft tissue healing, allowing them to be provided immediately to the patient. This means patients won't have to go without teeth, ensuring they can speak, chew, and smile with confidence right away.

Pros of Conventional Dentures:
  • Relative affordability compared to implant-supported options

  • Rapid turnaround time for new dentures, allowing for immediate use

Cons of Conventional Dentures:
  • Dependence on dental adhesive for stability, which can be messy and may require re-application throughout the day

  • Inability to wear them while sleeping, necessitating storage in a glass of water or denture-soaking solution

Exploring Implant Retained Dentures

Implant-retained dentures, also known as Snap-On Dentures, employ small posts to replace missing tooth roots. These implant posts support partials or full dentures, closely replicating natural tooth function. Patients can opt for either fixed implant dentures, which are attached professionally and can be brushed like natural teeth, providing long-lasting tooth replacement. Alternatively, removable overdentures combine the benefits of implant-fixed and removable dentures, snapping onto dental implants but offering the convenience of removal at home for cleaning and comfort during sleep.

Pros of Implant Retained Dentures:
  • Exceptional stability, strength, and durability, often lasting for decades

  • Function similar to natural teeth due to direct attachment to implants, eliminating reliance on mouth muscles and gums for support

Cons of Implant Retained Dentures:
  • Not suitable for all patients; requires adequate jawbone density

  • Potential for faster wear compared to traditional dentures

  • Higher cost relative to conventional dentures

In conclusion, dental restorations, whether dentures or dental implants, offer unique advantages and considerations. At Tindal Prosthodontics, Dr. Ben Tindal and our team are dedicated to helping you make informed decisions about your oral health. Whether you're in need of a skilled prosthodontist in Sarasota, FL or seeking solutions for tooth replacement, we're here to provide expert guidance and comprehensive care tailored to your specific requirements.

Book an appointment today and get on the path to a beautiful functional smile!


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