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Do you have missing teeth? Do you simply desire a more attractive smile? Tindal Prosthodontics in Sarasota, FL, has the solution for you. Our Prosthodontist, Dr. Ben Tindal, is trained in the latest techniques and uses the most up-to-date technology so we can offer our patients a variety of dental solutions tailored to their needs. We invite you to see what we can do to help you achieve your dental health goals.

It’s so important to have the true recognized specialists, Prosthodontists, for your smile restoration or replacement of teeth, like Dr. Ben Tindal. There will be four steps to your visit with us!

What is Included?
  • Oral Examination
  • X-Ray Examination 
  • Review of Treatment Options
  • Treatment Plan
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Learn about Tindal Prosthodontics
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Learn why Dr. Tindal Became a Prosthodontist 

Dr. Tindal was initially drawn to dentistry because it gave him the opportunity to use both his mind and his hands to improve people’s lives in a meaningful way. He often tells his patients that he combines art, science, and engineering to restore their smiles. His dedication to service and technical savvy makes him perfectly suited for the delicate work required of a prosthodontist, and to him, nothing is more fulfilling than knowing he helped give someone their smile and confidence back.

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Prosthodontists have an additional 3 years of training!

Dr. Ben Tindal is a trained prosthodontist and a true specialist in reconstructive dentistry, dental implants, esthetic care, and other state-of-the-art services. Her rigorous education, including completing a Master of Science and a three-year prosthodontics and implants residency program, has given her a true talent and passion for treating even the most complex dental cases that general dentists shy away from. Whether you're looking to improve your oral health and function, he looks forward to providing you with a care experience that truly exceeds expectations.

Your first step is to talk to a doctor about your options!

Every patient is paired up with our treatment coordinator, who will be with you throughout the entire process and at every appointment with you! Dr. Tindal will create a customized treatment plan just for you. You will learn exactly what to expect without having to worry about any surprise fees. 

How much does a consultation cost? Our consultations cost $150 and we will apply this towards your treatment, once started.

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