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Transform Your Smile and Boost Your Confidence with Tindal Prosthodontics in Sarasota, FL

At Tindal Prosthodontics, located in beautiful Sarasota, FL, we take great pride in helping our patients achieve a newfound sense of confidence and beauty. Over the years, we have had the privilege of assisting hundreds of patients who were hiding behind unhealthy and painful smiles.

Benefits of a Prosthodontist in Sarasota, FL
Your smile is our specialty.

Many adults are unhappy with their teeth. Not only can aesthetics be an issue, but many people also live with chronic pain or difficulty eating and speaking. If your teeth are severely compromised, a prosthodontist can reinstate a healthy smile using the latest innovations in dentistry. They can repair your real teeth and replace those that are missing using solutions that look natural. You’ll enjoy healthy, functional teeth and a confident smile you’ll want to show off.

Here are some benefits of seeing a prosthodontist:

  • Expertise in complex dental procedures: Prosthodontists are highly trained and have extensive experience in complex dental procedures such as dental implants, full-mouth reconstruction, and jaw joint disorders.

  • Customized treatment plans: Prosthodontists use a patient-centered approach to develop customized treatment plans that address the unique needs and goals of each patient.

  • Improved oral health: Prosthodontic treatments can improve your oral health by restoring your bite, reducing the risk of gum disease, and preventing further damage to your teeth and gums.

  • Enhanced appearance: Prosthodontic treatments can improve the appearance of your smile by correcting the shape, size, and color of your teeth.

  • Increased self-confidence: By improving your oral health and appearance, prosthodontic treatments can boost your self-confidence and help you feel more comfortable in social situations.

  • Long-lasting results: Prosthodontic treatments are designed to provide long-lasting results that can improve your quality of life for years to come.


Although a general dentist offers many of the same services as a prosthodontist, they aren’t always capable of treating several teeth. A prosthodontist has the training and qualifications to correct even the most complicated issues; whether affecting a single tooth or an entire arch.

What is the difference between a General Dentist and Prosthodontist?

While both general dentists and prosthodontists are licensed dentists who have completed a dental degree, they differ in their level of training and expertise. General dentists typically provide routine dental care, such as cleanings, fillings, and minor restorative work. In contrast, prosthodontists are specialists who have completed an additional three years of advanced training in the restoration and replacement of teeth. Prosthodontists have a deeper understanding of dental prosthetics and are skilled in creating custom restorations that look and function like natural teeth. They can also address more complex dental issues and provide a wider range of treatment options for patients with missing or damaged teeth.

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Do you stay in contact with my General Dentist?

Absolutely -- most of our patients are referred from their General Dental team for more intense restorative needs. We absolutely love our local General Dentists and do everything we can to continue a fluid working relationship with our patient's oral health at the forefront of every decision!


Prosthodontists and general dentists work together to provide comprehensive dental care for patients. Here are some ways we may collaborate:

  • Referrals: General dentists may refer patients to a prosthodontist for complex or specialized procedures, such as dental implants, full-mouth reconstruction, or the fabrication of custom dental prostheses.

  • Treatment planning: Prosthodontists may work with general dentists to develop comprehensive treatment plans for patients that incorporate both restorative and cosmetic dental procedures.

  • Consultations: Prosthodontists and general dentists may consult with each other to ensure that treatment plans are aligned with the patient's needs and goals.

  • Co-treatment: In some cases, prosthodontists and general dentists may work together to perform certain procedures, such as preparing teeth for dental crowns or bridges.

  • Continuing care: After completing restorative or prosthodontic treatments, patients return to their general dentist for routine dental care, such as cleanings and checkups.


Overall, the collaboration between our Tindal Prosthodontics office and local general dentists provides Sarasota, FL patients with comprehensive dental care that addresses their unique needs and goals. By working together, we can ensure that our patients receive the highest quality of care and achieve the best possible outcomes.

How are we different?
What sets our office apart...

We provide the highest quality of comprehensive care, which takes care of your esthetic, functional, and emotional demands. Dr. Tindal is an expert in preserving what remains and replacing what you have lost—emphasizing your long-term prognosis and overall health. Dr. Tindal and his team are determined and focused on providing an outstanding experience using both time-tested, evidence-based traditional and state-of-the-art modern techniques. Our office in Sarasota, FL has been serving the area for more than 15 years.

Do I need a prosthodontist?
You should seek a prosthodontist when...
  • You want a specialist’s opinion

  • Your treatment requires the care of several dental specialists

  • Dental implants interest you

  • You are missing one or more teeth

  • You have damaged or worn teeth

  • You wear dentures or removable partial dentures

  • You want to improve the aesthetics of your smile

  • You are in need of complex dental reconstruction due to a traumatic injury

  • You have a congenital or birth anomaly, or oral cancer

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