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Early Detection of Oral Health Problems

Most people know that you should try to prevent a problem instead of dealing with it once it’s in full force. The reason you change your car’s oil routinely is so your engine doesn’t blow up on the highway—one problem is easier to deal with than the other. The same principle applies to your teeth. Early detection of oral health problems makes them much easier to solve. Here’s why you should be proactive about your dental care.

Preventative Care Saves You Money

If you discover an oral health problem early, it can be addressed fairly quickly. Treating more advanced issues means more involved treatment, which means a greater number of appointments. The cost of that can start to add up. In the end, getting regular check-ups will be cheaper than treating major problems when they arise. This goes double if you have dental insurance, as most plans will cover a greater proportion of primary care visits than they will major procedures. Better Quality of Life Day to day, you might not think much about your teeth. Around 50% of U.S. adults have some level of gum disease, and many think that it doesn’t affect their overall quality of life. However, the truth is that gum disease has been correlated with a higher risk of serious illness, including dementia and diabetes. Treating gingivitis in its infancy will reduce the chances of contracting these disorders. The Difference Between a Small or Big Problem

Oral health problems will usually infiltrate deeper into the mouth if you let them. A few months of progress can mean the difference between needing a small filling or a root canal. Most people would prefer shorter procedures with less recovery time, which is likelier for a problem that hasn’t advanced very far. If you ever think you might have an oral health problem, talk to your dentist. They’ll be able to stop it before it progresses.

About the Dentist at Tindal Prosthodontics

Dr. Ben Tindal is an experienced prosthodontist that loves the challenges that dentistry brings, both physical and intellectual. His passion for learning keeps him up to date on the latest in oral medicine, meaning his patients receive the best care there is. Dr. Tindal received both his Doctor of Dental Medicine and his certificate in prosthodontics from the University of Florida. If you have any questions about preventive care, he can be reached at his website or by phone at (941) 260-1199.


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