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ProBioraPro—Sarasota, FL

Probiotics That Boost Your Oral Health

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Whenever you get a dental cleaning, all of the bacteria that naturally occurs in your mouth is neutralized in the process. Some of this bacteria is good for you, aiding in digestion and the prevention of gum disease, and some of it is bad, as it can lead to a harmful infection. With ProBioraPro, we can make sure the good bacteria comes back much faster and stronger than the bad, leading to sustained oral health, fewer dental issues over time, and even fresher breath every day!

What is ProBioraPro?

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On the outside, ProBioraPro just looks like a tablet or mint. Inside, however, it contains a concentrated blend of probiotic bacteria. Probiotics have been used for years to improve digestive health and boost the immune system, but ProBioraPro is the first method that has been applied specifically to oral health.

When used after a dental cleaning, ProBioraPro has been shown to keep the breath fresh, lower the levels of harmful oral bacteria, and even gently whiten the teeth. Basically, it stretches the benefits of a dental cleaning way beyond your time in our office. Regular mints improve your breath while exposing your teeth to excess sugar, but ProBioraPro freshens your mouth while also protecting your oral health.

How Does ProBioraPro Work?

After you receive a dental cleaning or periodontal treatment at our office, you’ll be given a box of ProBioraPro mints. You’ll only have to take one a day to enjoy the benefits. Placed onto the tongue, the tablet immediately begins to dissolve, causing frozen probiotic bacteria to come in contact with saliva, which essentially “wakes it up.” From there, the bacteria starts to multiply and begins defending your teeth and gums against any bad bacteria.

ProBioraPro helps maintain a healthy environment in your mouth despite factors that would normally stimulate the growth of harmful bacteria, such as stress, certain medications, and poor oral hygiene. When you combine ProBioraPro with our in-office treatment, you basically extend that treatment every time you take a tablet.

Learn More About ProBioraPro

Our office has used ProBioraPro to help patients who simply want to maintain their oral health as well as those who are being treated for gum disease. Everyone enjoys excellent results and notes how their breath smells much better all the time, even before they brush their teeth! To learn more about ProBioraPro and how it can support your smile between dental appointments, give us a call today.

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