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Complex Aesthetic Rehabilitations – Sarasota, FL

It’s Never Too Late for Your Smile

Man at table smiling after complex aesthetic rehabilitation in Sarasota, FL

Does your smile have multiple problems, and you just don’t think they can all be fixed? Are you currently dealing with multiple broken, decayed, or missing teeth? At Tindal Prosthodontics, Dr. Tindal can handle even the most complicated dental cases thanks to his advanced training. No matter what state your teeth may be in now, he can help you achieve the beautiful, healthy, and functional smile you deserve. Call today to take the first step for your complex aesthetic rehabilitation.

Is a Complex Aesthetic Rehabilitation Right for Me?

Man outside smiling after complex aesthetic rehabilitation in Sarasota, FL

Rehabilitation is recommended if all or most of your smile has suffered from severe damage or decay. The treatment focuses on repairing all of your teeth so that they function properly and don’t cause any oral health issues; it can also be done to help improve your smile’s overall appearance.

The process combines multiple restorative and cosmetic services, so you need to be ready to commit to a treatment plan that has multiple steps. You also need to be able to maintain an excellent oral healthcare routine afterward so that the results last as long as possible.

The Complex Aesthetic Rehabilitation Process 

Woman with coffee smiling after complex aesthetic rehabilitation in Sarasota, FL

The first step of the complex aesthetic rehabilitation process is always a consultation. We need to examine your mouth thoroughly to confirm that you’re a candidate for the treatment. Some X-rays may be taken, and any current oral health issues like gum disease will be taken into account.

When we’re confident that we fully understand your situation, we can give you a list of procedures that are needed to fix your mouth. For example, we might recommend crowns to repair damaged teeth or bridges to fill in any gaps. In some cases, we might suggest veneers and other cosmetic treatments to improve the overall appearance of your smile.

Note that before we begin any sort of treatment, we’ll always take the time to give you a full timeline of the process that includes all the steps that your rehabilitation involves. We encourage you to tell us if you have any questions; it’s important to know exactly what you can expect during your treatment.

Understanding the Cost of a Complex Aesthetic Rehabilitation

Woman in yellow shirt smiling after complex aesthetic rehabilitation in Sarasota, FL

Since complex aesthetic rehabilitation is different for every patient, the price is not set in stone. Our team will always be upfront about how much you can expect to pay for each step of the procedure. The expected cost will be outlined during your initial consultation so that you can start planning ahead of time.

We’ll also make sure that you’re well aware of your payment options. At our office, you can qualify for a low-to-no-interest payment plan through CareCredit or Green Sky Financing, two trusted third-party financiers that make it easier to afford even more extensive care. You’ll have the chance to pick a payment plan that works for your specific budget, and our team will be right here to answer any questions you have.

Frequently Asked Questions

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As you can imagine, when the word “complex” comes up when talking about dentistry, people tend to have a lot of questions. Thankfully, Dr. Tindal and our team are ready to answer and provide any information you need down to the smallest detail. Before giving us a call or scheduling a consultation, be sure to read over our responses to some of the most common questions we receive about this treatment below.

How long does a complex aesthetic rehabilitation take?

There is no pre-determined timeline for a complex aesthetic rehabilitation because the individual procedures necessary for each patient can differ. While simpler cases may require someone to come see us over the course of a few months, for complicated ones, the process might take closer to a year. Dr. Tindal will give you a much more concrete timeline at your consultation once he’s had a chance to examine your mouth and ask about your goals.

How long will the results last from my complex aesthetic rehabilitation?

With the right care and maintenance, the results can easily last for life! Thankfully, upkeep isn’t too involved either. All a patient has to do to preserve their new smile is brush and floss daily, keep the sugar in their diet under control, and regularly visit their dentist for checkups and cleanings. This will enable all restorations and replacement teeth to look and function like new for years on end. And, if anything needs to be replaced or updated, routine dentist appointments will ensure this can be done before a patient starts experiencing any serious issues.

When is a complex aesthetic rehabilitation necessary?

This treatment is typically recommended when a patient’s dental issues are so numerous that just addressing one won’t really help them achieve a healthy and attractive smile. If a patient has multiple missing teeth, replacing a single tooth can help, but it won’t help with the overall look of the smile. It also won’t correct their bite alignment issues. By taking a comprehensive approach, a complex aesthetic rehabilitation essentially allows a patient to hit the reset button for their smile so they can have a fresh start.

Will people be able to tell that I’ve had a complex aesthetic rehabilitation?

Yes! The transformations brought on by a complex aesthetic rehabilitation are typically very obvious both to the patient as well as those around them. Changes like filled-in gaps, straighter teeth, and whiter enamel are very apparent. Plus, the structure offered by a renewed smile can provide support for the facial skin and muscles, making someone appear younger and healthier. This is a far cry from getting a single crown or a few veneers…this treatment will instantly stand out to anyone who saw you beforehand.

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