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Discover Whether or Not You Should be Sleeping with Dentures

July 5, 2019

Filed under: Uncategorized — Ben Tindal @ 1:19 pm

denturesBy the time you go to bed, you’re probably exhausted from a long day’s work, cooking for your family, and cleaning up after everyone. As you look at your bed, you cut your eyes over the bathroom and contemplate if it’s a good idea to be sleeping with dentures. You’re so tired, and it’s one more thing keeping you from hitting the pillow, so what do you do? If this situation sounds familiar, let us explain whether it’s a good idea to keep your teeth in or take them out before turning out the lights.

To Sleep or Not to Sleep with Dentures

When receiving your dentures, you were most likely told it would be to your benefit to take them out each night and clean them. Just because you no longer have natural teeth does not mean you get a free pass now that your smile is artificial. If you want your dentures to stay healthier for longer, it’s best if you take the few extra minutes every night to take them out, clean them, and soak your dentures in water or a liquid denture cleanser. Here’s why:

  • You’ll keep your dentures bacteria-free, thus, enabling you to keep your dentures in good shape for a longer period of time.
  • Your gums need to breathe. After wearing your dentures all day, the time you spend sleeping allows them to receive the necessary oxygen.

Ways to Keep Your Dentures Clean

When you wake up each morning and every night before you go to bed, make sure you’re spending time practicing good oral hygiene habits. Brushing your gums, tongue, and roof of your mouth will help to eliminate bacteria and prevent the soft tissues of your mouth from developing and infection.

After cleaning your mouth, make sure you take the necessary steps to keep your dentures clean, too.

  • Once you’ve retrieved your dentures from their overnight soak, use a toothbrush to clean them.
  • Remember, your dentures are fragile and can easily break, so while cleaning them, make sure you have a towel underneath your hands or a sink full of water in case you drop them.
  • Dentures can break easily if they are dry, so always keep them moist.
  • Continue to keep your regular dentist appointments, so your dental professional can check your dentures for any cracks, chips, breaks, or bends.

By following these steps, you’ll be enjoying your smile for years to come. While it’s tempting to avoid the nighttime routine of removing and cleaning your dentures, it’ll pay off when you show your healthy, beautiful smile to others around you.

About the Author
Dr. Ben Tindal earned his bachelor’s degree from the University of South Florida before going on to receive his Doctor of Dental Medicine degree from the University of Florida. Passionate about helping his patients achieve beautiful smiles, Dr. Tindal is a highly-skilled and trained prosthodontist and strives to ensure your dental prosthetics meet your goals and expectations. To learn more about how you can achieve a fully restored smile, contact us via the website or by calling (941) 225-2520.