Tensile strength of prosthodontic treatments

One of the most amazing features of the mouth is the tensile strength of human teeth. Human teeth have a unique micro and nanostructure. The crystalline structure in human teeth have a special arrangement and they are effectively glued together by proteins. These proteins keep teeth intact even when damaged. Due to this structure, a crack or...
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Oral bacteria and your body’s balance

As a child, you were probably taught that you needed to brush your teeth to remove all of the nasty bacteria from your mouth. It would cause cavities! Well, it turns out that common knowledge about bacteria was only partially true. You were likely taught that brushing, flossing, and rinsing with mouth wash was the only way to...
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Aging, prosthodontics, and you!

Aging affects all aspects of physical health, but did you know that aging has a specific affect on the gumline and your probability of losing natural teeth? Most older adults have at least one false tooth, and many rely on partial dentures and full dentures to go about their everyday activities of chewing, eating, and maintaining proper...
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The National Hockey League’s concern for prosthodontics

The National Hockey League (NHL) is well-known for its players' gap-toothed smiles. Oftentimes, players wear cosmetic teeth in the off-season and don't bother while out on the ice. While player safety has dominated discussion in other leagues (head injuries in the National Football League and brain injury in boxing, for example), hockey...
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Why dental implants are a good long-term investment

There are a number of reasons patients become interested in dental implants. Whether it's following the advice of a general dentist or a positive referral from a friend, our patients often list the following reasons for interest in dental implants:
  • the hassle of daily maintenance with dentures
  • the annoying problem of poor fit with dentures
  • having to get new dentures...
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